Eco County Fair

This year we decided to take our almost 2 year-old to the Marin County Fair on the 4th of July.  We live within walking distance to the Civic Center and Fairgrounds and have been watching the fireworks display for the past 3 nights from our bedroom window as the sounds from below keep wafting up, beckoning us to relive our own childhood with nauseating rides and powdered-sugar-covered funnel cakes. Our son keeps chanting “county fair” and “fireworks”, so we thought he just might be old enough for a short excursion. To our surprise and green delight we were greeted with a more eco-friendly fair than I have ever experienced. Welcome to Marin.

My husband carried our son for the long walk.  You’ve got to love a man who wears a baby! When we first entered we were greeted by a trailer of solar panels supplying power to the entertainment stage. We also stumbled upon the Real Goods Solar booth promoting all things solar. I love that company!

That’s a bass flute, for anyone curious. It’s not a popular instrument, but it is actually Henry Mancini’s instrument of choice.

Have you ever seen a solar-powered carousel?  This was my first time.

Moving on to the animals.  This llama was so frickin cute I couldn’t stand it.  I want one. Don’t you? I could do some needle felting with that fur. I only need a little.

By far, the animal that won the cute prize were these little piglets.  My son just wanted to crawl over the fence to get in there with them.  Okay, I did too.

When the food came, they literally dove in!

They ran around the dish in circles, getting very messy – living up to their reputation. I asked about their mother and why 2 week old piglets weren’t nursing. The girl told me their mother “abandoned” them. Hmm… on purpose – or because she was slaughtered?  How could anyone eat these adorable little creatures.

Our son was enthralled with the piglets.

I kept an eye out for Beth from Fake Plastic Fish. She was at it again, walking around as the plastic sea monster educating folks on reducing our plastic consumption.  (Look for a post about the fair from her tomorrow at her site). We were trying to meet up, but in that crowd I wasn’t hopeful.  So we moved on to some refreshments.

Enjoying an organic lemonade. Luckily they offered compostable straws since I forgot my Glass Dharma straw.

My husband’s favorite attraction were the electric cars on display.  Will a car seat fit in those?

The gorgeous Tesla.

My husband’s favorite.

Aerial view (not mine) of the fairgrounds and duck pond. I will really miss Marin if we move to London.  But we’ll be back. You can count on it!

Happy (a little bit more eco-friendly) 4th of July!

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6 thoughts on “Eco County Fair”

  1. Oh, I just loved those little baby piggies! I didn’t get any pictures of them. Glad you took a bunch. A little girl next to me looking at the piglets said, “Oh, I wish I could have one. They’re so cute.” And I said, “Yes, but they’ll get a lot bigger.” “I know,” she sighed, “I wish they would just stay small.”

    It’s something genetic in us, isn’t it? Something that makes us automatically love small, pudgy, helpless things. I could have just picked them all up and snuggled with them right there. Had to give my kitties some extra love when I came home last night.

    And makes me never want to eat them again too. (Michael made the comment about how ironic it was to be smelling barbecue smoke while petting cows.)

    Am working on editing video right now.


  2. Again- as I commented on beth’s post- Where are the Elephant Ears and fennel cakes? Can’t have a county fair without elephant ears! LOL Piglets are a winner though

  3. We have the Kickapoo Country Fair around these parts. We live at the birthplace of the Organic Valley Cooperative and they sponsor an all-organic County Fair. It’s amazing, right down to the maple syrup cotton candy.

    (BTW, can you email me? I want to let you know about some green products and can’t find your email address. Many thanks!)


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