The Story of Bottled Water

Another “story” from Annie Leonard.  If  you haven’t switched back to the tap, this story may inspire you.  While, I believe that most tap water is safer than bottled water (due to lack of regulation in the bottled water industry), we still use a water filter to filter out a little bit more of the undesirables (mercury, lead, prescription medicines, fluoride, etc.).

It’s funny, when I was in high school I can’t remember ever being really thirsty while out and about.  I didn’t have a reusable bottle and I certainly didn’t buy Evian or Perrier (which were available at the time).  My girlfreind and I taught aerobics – okay, okay – jazzercize, while in high school and college and I was still never dehydrated.  I guess we got used to drinking a big glass of water from the tap before we left the house and then another when we arrived at our destination.

I am certainly glad that I have a reusable bottle now and I do drink more often, but I didn’t need it when I was younger – and I certainly don’t need to stop at 7-11 to pay for tap water in an Aquafina plastic bottle!

The Story of Bottled Water (2010)

Some people talk about how making green changes can cost more money, but kicking the bottled water habit may be the simplest green thing you can do – and this one saves you money! So, go ahead and get a stainless steel reusable water bottle and a good KDF, carbon or reverse osmosis filter (depending on your needs) and take back the tap!

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7 thoughts on “The Story of Bottled Water”

  1. hey just getting caught up on my blog reads & saw your post from yesterday :) ha..guess i shud get caught up b4 i do my weeks post?! ur post was awesome!

  2. MARKETING . . . we are being marketed to everywhere and we need to pay attention to what we take in as ‘truth’. We do need water. Most of us are dehydrated. We should be replenishing our bodies with at least 1 oz of water per 2 oz. of body weight (more if you’re active). Given that fact, we shouldn’t be taking any chemicals in with the water we drink. If you’re drinking from plastic you’re drinking in chemicals. This is in addition to the never ending cycle you are creating when you toss that plastic bottle into the recycle bin. RECYCLE is a misnomer when it comes to plastic ~ it’s cheaper to ship it off to some underdeveloped country. There is no market for used plastic. Kick the plastic habit, THINK BEFORE YOU DRINK! To find out more about what you can do visit, xxoo

  3. Thanks Darris. I’ve been following Beth at Fake Plastic Fish for some time now and have guest posted for her, as well. If you search my site under plastic you’ll see that I submitted a plastic tally over a year ago to her to her. I hope more people kick the plastic habit too!

  4. No doubt about it bottle water is probably seen its peak and now is on the decline. The economics are such that purifying your own water is the way to go. Purifying your own water is a cheaper move and an easy way to do something green as it gets rid of all the plastic. When I was using bottle water I was stunned by how much plastic I had to recycle.

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