Earth Day Exploration

I didn’t prepare a special post for Earth Day. It’s pretty much Earth Day everyday at our house.  But, we did get out and do some exploring and oddly enough, my son was really into getting outside yesterday.  More than usual. We went to our local park and instead of going to the playground he kept saying “let’s go into the deep, dark wood”.  But, first we had some sandbox play.

Appreciating dandelion adorned sandcastles

Then to visit Mama & Papa Duck and their 5 new spring babies.

New Duck Family
following mommy

My son was drawn to this big tree. Instead of making shapes out of clouds, he made shapes from the protruding roots. He saw a foot and a face.

Tree gazing

Off on another exploration.

Wide open spaces

A bird’s nest tucked away in the (not so) deep, dark wood.

a bird’s nest

We had a wonderful Earth day appreciating all the beauty and wonder the Earth has to offer. The kicker was at dinner just as we got ready to say the blessing on our meal. (We have a simple blessing that goes, “We’re grateful for our food and peace be on our Earth.”) My son started, “thank you for going outside”. It sounds like I keep him shut up in the house. (Well, winter in London can feel that way sometimes.) But really, we go outside ALL THE TIME. Why he felt compelled to add the thank you for that before our meal, I can only guess that his little spirit is just so connected to what yesterday was all about. Then at the end of our blessing he said “we’re grateful for mommy’s flowers in the glass on the table”. He knows I love them . How sweet is that?  It really is the little things. I am so grateful for my family.

My favorite flower

Happy Earth Day! What did you do?

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5 thoughts on “Earth Day Exploration”

  1. I love your sandbox! Did you make it? We have a sand/water table for Kieran which he loves, but he really wants something he can sit in.

    Many thanks for your comment today on my guest post at API Speaks – I appreciated your view!

  2. @ Code Name Mama – we didn’t build it. We bought it at Amazon in the UK. We have the sand/water table too – but Dino needed more. He loves it. He’s in it all the time now that the weather is nice.

  3. Hi Deborah!
    I love your sandbox too! AND the Sprig toys! lol! The dandelion adoration is very cute. Dino looks like he had fun exploring and what a sweet little thank you at the end of his day! How special. Love your ranunculus … one of my fav’s also! Hope you’re enjoying the weekend. :)

  4. Must have missed Earth Day! This was interesting reading and seem to confirm the idea that kids that are outside and exploring become really smart. Just look at how he finds the shapes in the tree roots. Very nice. Have continued joy and blessings every day!

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