Heavy Metal

I’m not talking about music here. Science Daily published an article on April 28th about a new autism study performed by the University of Utah School of Medicine.  This study shows a correlation between autism  spectrum disorder (ASD) and maternal age of 35 years or older, first born children and breech births.  The study showed that women over 35 at the time of giving birth had a significantly greater risk of having a child with ASD – 1.7 times to be exact.  Their only conclusions, other than “further investigation is warranted”, is that older mothers may have experienced a change in their genes over time that may contribute to ASD.  They speculate that firstborn children are affected more often because parents are reluctant to have subsequent children once they have a child with ASD.  They also interpreted an association of breech birth with neuromuscular dysfunction. (Although most children born breech are perfectly healthy.)

I don’t have the money to fund a study. But, I have a better explanation.  Don’t older mothers have a longer lifetime exposure to heavy metals?  Say, through, mercury-based leaking fillings, fish consumption, and yes, folks, thimerosal and aluminum containing vaccines.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  We are exposed to aluminum in food, air and water and lead through old lead pipes and old chipped paint.  An older woman has a lifetime of heavy metals stored in her fat (unless she’s done a heavy metal detox or chelation therapy). These metals pass to the fetus along with life-giving nutrients through the placenta. Add to the newborn’s already overloaded system a slew of vaccines containing mercury and aluminum before the blood-brain barrier is formed and you may just see ASD.

Couldn’t these researchers find out if the first born autistic children had siblings?  I mean, you’re already there, why not go all the way?  The moms I’ve met or read stories about with autistic children have more than one biological child. I disagree with the researchers rationale that these parents stop procreating after having one child with ASD.  Especially in Utah. Isn’t Utah home to the LDS church? They’re supposed to have as many children as is physically possible. I think first born children are afflicted more often because their moms effectively detoxed by unknowingly passing their heavy metal load to their firstborn, leaving their system with a lower load for the next child.  This just makes sense.  Again, no one is throwing any dollars my way, so I can’t say for sure – but I think it’s a pretty good explanation.

Now breech birth being a significant risk factor for ASD is beyond me.  Especially because most breech births produce healthy babies and they only account for 4% of births in this country. Umbilical cord prolapse can occur with breech births and this can diminish oxygen flow to the baby causing the brain to be damaged if  C-Section isn’t performed immediately.  In addition, prolonged compression of the umbilical cord during a breech delivery can cause oxygen deprivation. But, in this country, most breech births are delivered via Caesarean section; meaning the injuries above would be avoided. Perhaps the study should look at C-sections instead of the baby’s uterine orientation.

I guess this study struck a chord with me because I gave birth at age 38 to my first child – a boy.  According to the CDC boys are four times more likely to have autism than girls.  He wasn’t born breech , or by C-section for that matter.  He was born in the comfort of my home with the help of a wonderful midwife and superhero husband. I’ve had my concerns about heavy metals before I became pregnant and removed all my amalgam fillings and did a heavy metal detox three months before we conceived.  And, for several reasons, in additon to the metals in vaccines, we chose not to vaccinate at all. I am 99% sure that my toddler will go on to lead a normal, healthy life, even with several factors stacked agaisnt me, according to the CDC and this new study.  Why 99% and not 100%?  I’m not God. I have to leave room for uncertainties in this world.  Does my child have heavy metals in his body?  Probably some.  Even though I have been aware for some time about the dangers of heavy metals, I am certain my body contained some and probably still does.  And, I am pretty sure my baby got some from me in utero. But not enough to tip the scales to ASD – and I am certainly not going to increase that 1% uncertaintity by immunizing.

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2 thoughts on “Heavy Metal”

  1. I’ve been looking into doing a heavy metal detox since I am 34, but the research I’ve done seems to have mixed theories on them. I’m curious what process you used?

  2. I did a detox through practitioners who use Biotics Research supplements and the diet plan outlined by Dr. Abbas Qutab of Boston utilizing hg same supplements. It consisted of a special diet free from allergens and difficult to digest foods, and a protein powder based shake full of heavy-metal binding nutrients like NAC and antioxidants. If you look for a holistic practitioner that uses Biotics research (you can go to their site to find one) they can set you up on a 30 day detox.

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